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Registered Community Design by Peter Yordanov


During the settlement period of our German branch, we apply the general terms and conditions of our head office in Bulgaria. This period will probably last until the end of February 2008. We ask for your understanding!


Please place an order with us by e-mail to info [at] disco-designer.com

After receiving your order, we send you a proforma invoice with our company and bank details. To issue this proforma invoice, we need:

- your name,

- your company data, adress

- delivery adress

- VAT Number (required for European customers only)

We start execution of your order after receiving at least 50 % of the order value in our bank account.

Preparation time

Usually, we need 10 days for preparation before shipment because each wall is different and require different wiring.

Sometimes there can be 20 days delay before shipment. This time depends on order increase.


10 – 15 days after receiving payment. We ship air-cargo. The value of the shipping depends on the quantity of goods ordered. We ship after 100 % payment.



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